Super Sentai Gobusta ?

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Super Sentai Gobusta is a life roleplay server with a mix of magic and naval rolepay. Members can roleplay with characters of all ages. You can rp almost anything you want.

The server has its own custom coded bot and an automatic weather system. Our wide range of locations covers virtually all areas of life so your character can experience virtually any lifestyle they wish.

Our server welcomes characters of all kinds regardless of beliefs, background, and ambitions. With a vast city and unique characters, it can appeal to everyone’s tastes.

We are a private server with an application process. If you are interested in joining, come join the wait-list and see if you are a good match today!

NOTE: This server DOES allow ERP/SEXUAL CONTENT THROUGH TEXT, you DO NOT have to partake, however if you do not want to see the ERP content, it is RECOMMENDED that you DO NOT join.


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