【?】Gamers Lounge【?】

【?】Gamers Lounge【?】

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***HEY***?*** YOU ***?***YES ***?***I’m talking to you***:?

Looking for a non toxic community to play video games?

We offer a variety of consoles that range from PS to Xbox even the Mobile or Computers! We also have art and writing channels for YOU gamers that may take up storytelling and sketching as a hobby Look no further! Join us!

?Gamers Lounge?

?Gamers Lounge?! is a non-toxic multi console themed server that welcomes everyone! We have Nintendo/PlayStation/Xbox/PC AND Chromebook friendly channels! We are constantly growing and improving the server to make your experience the best it can be. Why not read below to see some of the amazing features we offer?                                                                                                    

? Level 1 boosted Nitro server

? Laid-back but enforced rules to keep our :speaking_head: community safe

?‍?‍?‍? ***SFW/Family Friendly*** ONLY…. __NO__ Profanity or NSFW allowed

:robot:play our bot Dank:frog:or Carl:turtle: in their own channels!

⛳️Our Game Leaders will host tournaments/game nights couple times a week! It will be announced in :trophy: tournament channels

?Feed back or a suggestion channel!

? multiple public Voice and:notes: public Music chat

? A Self Promo category to post your ads in once a day!

? Monthly Giveaways involve $5-$10 of Nitro as the Prizes!

? Hobby Zone! we have everything for writers/Musicians/Theature and more❗️

?spam channels and venting channels to utilize your frustrations out you can cuss in these __**NOT**__ anywhere else

?we have a counting bot! For every 1k counted correctly without breaking the streak. First person to reach 1k wins 5 nitro

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