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by notBandit #4960

Hairosheere is a mostly vanilla Minecraft experience, with the option there for grief prevention. This server highly encourages war, so those who may be interested...

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by Buder Wheat

Long ago there were two people fighting over who could rule the Juicy Lands. One was a Wise Architect referred to as Builder while the...

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by electro z

In only 14 days the electroz SMP goes live We are need staff if you would want to join the bedrock realm and help us...

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by owen dufresne

Hello welcome to the rixons, powered by a custom made bot by alterixon, here in the server there is many features. The server is still...

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by Tony Piston

TC Blox Studios makes games and videos with help from our Community and Partners. We're always open for public discourse and excitement on our projects!...

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by D0m #3619

My friends and I decide that it would be fun to make a discord server where people could join and make new friends, play games...

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by Dart Dart

Welcome to Devils Aces Discord server! This server is BRAND NEW, we are currently clan base BUT We are a normal community aswell. We are...

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by Solid Bedada

Hello! This is a Minecraft-based server that doesn't have any sort of hatred or beef, if you want to chill and have a conversation this...

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by Lars Ansink

A europian Minecraft survival server you can make new Friends and play on our server! You can chat with people and do other games or...

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by GoodCat Gamer 0001

Welcome To The House of REEE. This server includes: -chill community -nice staff -streaming -activities -and so much more

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