Juicy SMP S1

Juicy SMP S1

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Long ago there were two people fighting over who could rule the Juicy Lands. One was a Wise Architect referred to as Builder while the other was a Strong Warrior called Davey. They had a long battle until they realized their battle was causing more harm than good. After that they agreed to work together to restore these lands to it’s former glory and rule over them together.

Now YOU find these Lands together with some other people from the inside of a spaceship. Will you claim land to develop and improve, or fight wars to be the most powerful person there is.

Juicy SMP is based on earth with a map that has a scale of 1:2000.

We try to maintain a busy and friendly community which you can be part of. In our realm you can claim and defend countries and declare wars on others.

Of course we also have a place for builders, so if you just want to build without having to worry about people attacking you, you can do that too! 😀

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