After The World Ends: Factions

After The World Ends: Factions

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**After the World Ends: Faction Edition **

These aren’t your every day walking dead type…In this world…The AI is the enemy

**Year: 3088**

*It’s been 8 years since the world as you know it completely changed forever. Society has shifted into what we would call an apocalyptic chaotic outburst and artificial intelligence has offically taken over and the government is the cause.

*After horrific years of bloodshed and tears, human survivors have adapted to a surival lifestlye.They have created their own factions; The Bosk Faction, The Blue Water Faction, The Kingpin Faction, and The Wayward Faction. All following their own set of rules and leaderships, or for rules at all. Although the factions may not always get along, they have formed connections with each other by trading and alliances over the years. Maybe it’s time for these Factions to put aside their differences and figure out a way to put these machines down once and for all and rebuild a society worth living*


18+ ONLY
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