Hello my Friendling

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(´・ω・`) What’s up G A M E R S (´・ω・`) <>We are a smaller gaming server meant for some (っ◔◡◔)っ :hearts: Social Interaction :hearts: <>Admins are friendly, and really good at games so we can help carry you B) <>Racist slurs and Homophobic slurs are NOT ok so please refrain your inner gamer <>We have fun bots like dank memer and we constantly have flame wars using him >:) <>Active people are definitely wanted! We constantly play games so we need more gamers! <>All admins and owner are always active, (we take long naps though) and are always around to help out! <>We also have the Mudae bot, and will definitely fight over anime waifus <>There’s tons of artists in our discord who have amazing skills, and a few writers. <>You even have the option of getting your own chat where you can storyboard and write :> (っ◔◡◔)っ :hearts: We hope you come and game with us :slight_smile: :hearts:

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