Moon Stone Pack

Moon Stone Pack

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Welcome to Moon Stone Pack

We want to help people achieve their goals no matter how small or big they are. It might even be to start your own server. Let’s build a pack of dreamers and achievers.

Just you and your awesomeness [*inserts song* Just the way you are by Bruno Mars].

What do we offer
~~ Positive and Friendly environment
~~ Kind and amazing staff
~~ Constant support through your journey
~~ LGBTQ friendly
~~ Advertise your social-media accounts
~~ Much more [To find out, you just have to JOIN]

It is a new server(1 week old) that is continuously growing and changing. New opportunities will be presented to join the team.

Future plans
~~ Monthly ceremony for goal achievers of the month
~~ Game nights [coming soon]

Still not convinced?? Why not join and try it out? Stay if you feel satisfied. The choice is yours. [You will be one of the 1st to join so please give some time before judging the server. Thank you!!]

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