OMORI x Deltarune RP Server

OMORI x Deltarune RP Server

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{DISCLAIMER: We are not allowing OCs at the moment, this is a canon character server only. But this will change sometime in the near future.}

Hello! And welcome to our server! More formally known as DELTAMORI, an OMORI x Deltarune crossover server! (As it says in the server name.) We are currently a new server, so the majority of characters from BOTH series are pretty much available! And yes, there will be story sessions/role plays in this server too!

Other things to take note of is that we are also a LITERATE server! Or trying to be at least, we also have quite a few roles to pick from in our server! Currently, there’s a placeholder role playing category as we wait for more people to join. Once we have more people, loads of new role playing categories will be added!

We hope you enjoy your stay at our server, even if it is just beginning too!

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