The Bleeding Sun Regime

The Bleeding Sun Regime

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The Bleeding sun Regime is a community discord server that prides itself on being as versatile as possible. We have channels for specific games and gaming in general, art, writing, music and, of course, memes, media, links and whatnot.

We also have a very open policy on how our staff works and how to get yourself into a staff position, should you so desire it. this transparency, we believe, helps instill trust in our staff team, despite the average stereotype of discord mods. These staff members also periodically hold events for members in any particular section of our server, and are always open to adding a new part, should enough support be given to it by the members.

Finally, while we are a small community, we are always happy to welcome more and more people, and as the server grows, we are willing to do more and more extravagant things with the server, based on what the community itself wants.

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